Munajaat Maqbool for Android

This app is a digital version of the popular ‘Munajaat-e-Maqbool’ book by Sheikh Ashraf Ali Thanwi (may Allah have mercy on him). It contains more than 200 supplications from Quran and Hadith for daily reading along with translation in English and Urdu. The entire collection is conveniently divided into 7 sections for reading each day of the week starting Saturday.

Since the collection only contains authentic supplications from Quran and Hadith, there is no doubt in the acceptance of these supplications. Therefore the name of this collection is Munajaat Maqbool (Accepted Supplications).

With the help of this app, communicate with your Lord and rest assured that your words are being heard and accepted inshaAllah.

Features of this app:
-Dynamic and intuitive interface
-Audio playback with word by word highlighting and repetition.
-Translation in English in Urdu
-Ability to share a verse on twitter, facebook, sms, email etc.
-Ability to save verses as favorites
-Daily reminders as push notification
-Translation font size adjustment

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