Quran Kareem for Android

Quran Kareem for Android

5 stars on Google Play Store

Quran Kareem for AndroidGoogle Play Store5

Featuring the script originally printed by the King Fahad Complex and familiar to the Muslims of South Asia, this app combines technology with traditional paper style reading to deliver an unprecedented Quran reading experience on your smart phone


Translation and Tafseer

Quran Kareem for iPhone comes bundled with two authentic translations and Tafseer:

  • English Translation by Shaykh Mufti Taqi Usmani
  • Urdu Translation by Maulana Fateh Muhammed Jalandahari
  • Arabic Tafseer Al Mysar
Crystal Clear Script

This app will provide you with a cleary script that will deliver a great reading experience on your device. Please note that while we have tried to cater for most of the common screen resolutions available on the android devices today, we do not guarantee that we have the images available for the exact resoulition of your device. Please try out the demo version of this app in order to experience the resolution.

Audio Recitation with Grouping and Repeating

Quran Kareem for Android includes audio recitation by 4 reciters with automatic page turning on when the reciter moves to next page. You can even group ayaahs and then repeat that group up to 50 time or as long as you want. This feature is very helpful for Muslims who are memorizing the Quran.


Quran Kareem allows you to search for a word within the translation in English. Once a search result is provided, you can select one of the results to view the complete translation and go to that ayaah’s page.

Sophisticated Navigation

A special highlight of this app is the built in sophisticated navigation feature that allows the user to go to a page by either selecting a surah, juz, page no or an ayah.


This app also comes bundled with a brief help that is detailed enough for getting you up and using the app in no time.


I’m using full paid version and It worth each penny. This application is like a dream come true. Excellent job. Thanks.


This is the best app in QURAN.and I never see support like this before . Index problem has been fix. Thank you brother.


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