Tajweed Quran in Urdu/Persian Script for iPad

For readers from South Asia and Persia

This elegant app features a color coded Mushaf in script familiar to the Muslims of South Asia and combines technology with traditional paper style reading to deliver an unprecedented Quran reading experience on your iPad


Drag and Drop Bookmarks Editing

Once you have bookmarked a page, editing a bookmark is as easy as dragging the bookmark icon and dropping it on the ayaah that you have read until. As you move the bookmark icon, the entire ayaah highlights in green to specify the ayaah that will be bookmarked.

Sticky Notes

You can place your notes in a sticky and then place it anywhere on the page. This feature will inshaAllah be helpful for the Muslims studying the translation and the tafseer of the Quran.

Audio Recitation with Grouping and Repeating

The app includes  a huge collection of reciters. A full list of reciters can be found on this page. Each recitation includes automatic highlighting of the ayaah that is being recited. You can even group ayaahs and then play and repeadthe group. This feature is very helpful for Muslims who are memorizing the Quran.

Hovering Menu Options

Long tap an ayaah to reveal a set of options that allows you to interact with that ayaah. These options include viewing the translation, adding a note on a sticky and playing audio for that ayaah.


This app comes bundled with two authentic translations:

  • English Translation by Shaykh Mufti Taqi Usmani
  • Urdu Translation by Maulana Fateh Muhammed Jalandahari

This app allows you to search for a word within the Quran text or any of the available translations. Once a search result is provided, you can select one of the results to view the complete translation and go to that ayaah’s page.

Draw Markings on Page

This app provides you with an ability to draw markings anywhere on a page. Mark you mistakes by simply tapping on the screen with two fingers and drawing where you want. This feature currently supports drawing in 4 different colors.

Video Help

You do not need to read through extensive documentation on how to use this app. Every thing you would need to know is captured in a video and accessible easily.

Sajda and Milestone Alerts

As you are reading the Quran and turning the pages, you will notice that the app will alert you with any important milestones like New Juz and Qurater that you might have reached. Also, you will be alearted if there is a Sajda Tilawah on the page.

Bookmark Tagging

The app includes a feature that allows you to tag a bookmark and categorize it just like folders. The app comes with four default tags. More colorful tags can be added and customized as needed.

Color Coded Legend

Now you can read the Quran easily with tajweed. Different letters of the mushaf are color coded to indicate a specific rule of Tajweed. A brief explanation of these color codes are just a tap away.

And even more features..

This app is full of features. InshaAllah, you will find a new one every time you launch the app. Some of the salient features are Arabic Language, Arabic Labels (Surah, Ayaah, Juz etc., ) only while the app is in English, iCloud Sync and Full screen more.


Salams Best Quran app thanks for the brothers you created the app. Couldn’t live without it

Yousuf Mohammed, UK

This app is absolutely great, it was given to me as a gift. It’s got everything a person needs, especially those who pray off by heart or like to follow each verse while praying! Great work guys

Ddgk, UK

I am new to Islam and the Koran. I have found this app very well organized. The “Help” menu is particularly well done. The explanation of the English translation was also helpful. Overall a well made App. So far it is helping me begin to learn about the Koran (yes I understand I will need personal guidance to progress). Judging from all the options available I would expect this app to be even more helpful for those beyond the beginner level of knowledge like me.

Jerseyreddevil, USA

Masha-Allah, really comprehensive and professional quran application. Well done! I wish I had this when I was doing my Hifz. Well worth the money!

RayJ3, South Africa

I have learnt from this Mushaf i.e. color coded so it’s absolutely great to have it on my iPad. Especially with all the new updates I can now see translations , play audio of my favourite Sheikh Shuraim, landscape two page view is like having my Quran with me with translation and audio. Navigation of Juz has been added too with quarters, excellent to Hifz!!

nidaelahi , India

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